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At Concordia, we say “We put our Faith in Caring,” so to us, providing compassionate care is more than just a job, it’s an important part of our mission. The heart of Concordia’s mission is that spiritual wellbeing is the center of healthy living and enables holistic integration of our inner resources.

Concordia Visiting Nurses is committed to giving support spiritually, emotionally and psychologically to those in need as they move through their illness.

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Looking for the healing of the soul and spirit?

Often, when people are diagnosed with an illness and are getting ready to be discharged from the hospital, they look for healing of the soul and spirit. At times like this, people need support in talking about their situation. Some people have been away from their home place or worship and their current situation may require them to seek a meaning to their life. People may capture their spiritual roots which can help them find hope and meaning as they struggle in response to their illness. Our hope is that they can begin inner healing by the way they look at their illness and the way they engage their own inner resources through faith.

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Professional Development

Concordia Lutheran Ministries promotes excellence in its spiritual care ministry by utilizing our professionally trained chaplaincy team. Additionally, under the direction of our chaplains, our volunteer care givers work one-to-one with clients, residents and employees. The volunteer team meet privately with the care receiver and are trained and supervised. They are not professional counselors or therapists, pastors, or physicians. Our lay ministers are not authorized to give legal, medical, financial, or any other advice, but spiritual care and encouragement. Our team is willing to talk about spiritual issues but won’t force them. Our Spiritual Care team minister by listening, supporting, encouraging, praying, being dependable and trustworthy and maintaining confidentiality in their caregiving.

At Concordia Visiting Nurses, we strive to assist people to develop a positive attitude through faith that calls their whole being in harmony with doctors and our nurses and therapists, and this approach can have a positive effect on their physical healing as well. Positive attitudes flow from personal spirituality that frequently is not addressed until the time of illness. That’s where our program can help. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about Concordia Visiting Nurses Spiritual Care services, please call.

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Services for All Faiths

Qualified chaplains and specially trained volunteers from several faith traditions respond to needs through consultation, prayer, counseling and provision of Sacramental ministry. They minister as part of an inter-disciplinary team offering a complete approach to home health care.

Concordia Visiting Nurses is a Christian organization. While our work is centered in the confession that Christ is Lord, we provide services for people of all religions and denominations. We will, to the best of our ability, assure that each person’s denominational or religious preference is met by contacting and cooperating with local clergy as requested.

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System-Wide Availability

Spiritual care is offered to clients and families, residents and employees throughout the Concordia continuum of care.

Concordia Visiting Nurses

provides care to our patients and their loved ones regardless of race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, or illness. Our policy of non-discrimination covers the services we provide, referrals and employment actions.

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